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We have 414 reviews submitted for an average rating of 4.98 out of 5.

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Whether we are making a wedding band to symbolize your love and connection with someone or making a fashion ring to wear as a statement, we enjoy giving our customers the freedom of expression they deserve. Take a moment to read first-hand reviews from our clients to see our service level and gain confidence with your purchase.

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Men's Beveled Carbon Fiber Tungsten Wedding Band
By: Shasheen P. from Stoney Creek , Ontario, Canada
Order Date: August 2022
Ring Purchased: MGO700TR

Beautifully made ring with great build quality. The purchasing procedure was very easy and arrived very quickly when asked for. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic accessory!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Black White Trio Diamond Wedding Band
By: Chad T. from Lutz, Florida, U.S.A.
Order Date: August 2022
Ring Purchased: MJV910CX-33D

Amazing. Great customer service. Great product. Great price. They made sure everything was perfect before customizing my ring. I will definitely do business with Madani again!!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's & Women's Eternity Medium Black Diamond Wedding Band
By: Michael D.G. from Channahon, Illinois, U.S.A.
Order Date: August 2022
Ring Purchased: RLA810LF-34B

Customer service was timely and exemplary Order process was easy and well thought out The overall experience was professional yet friendly, I would definitely recommend Madani to friends or colleagues

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's & Women's Eternity Black Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Stephen F. from Effort, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Order Date: August 2022
Ring Purchased: MFT614JP-45B

Ring is awesome. Great quality and service!!! Am ordering another one for my wife. Madani offers fast service and is very attentive to each order.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Medium Eternity Diamond Wedding Band
By: Marika F. from Livingston, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Order Date: August 2022
Ring Purchased: RLQ910TW-74R

The ring is amazing! Customer Service is excellent - they were very helpful during the whole process. Will definitely purchase again from MADANI!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Plain Satin Finish Diamond Wedding Band
By: Shannone A. from Montrose, Colorado, U.S.A.
Order Date: July 2022
Ring Purchased: MDG710TP-6R

This team is on top of it! Had a great experience and will be referring friends and family! Thank you Madani rings the ring is beautiful!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Puzzle Pattern Diamond Wedding Ring
By: André D. from Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Order Date: July 2022
Ring Purchased: MKO910CW-14R

AMAZING service! Alec was a big help with having my ring resized!. Fast service, great follow-ups and don't forget the beautiful product. Thanks Alec for everything!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Ancient Greek Key Diamond Beveled Wedding Ring
By: Jessica B. from Tarzana, California, U.S.A.
Order Date: July 2022
Ring Purchased: MTC814YY-5P

This ring is absolutely stunning! Exceeded my expectations. My husband loves it! Alec, Craig and the entire team truly went above and beyond for me throughout the ordering process. They were so helpful and accommodating especially with my tight timeline. Their service is truly exceptional. And look forward to referring family/friends :)

Overall Satisfaction:

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