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We have 232 reviews submitted for an average rating of 4.97 out of 5.

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Whether we are making a wedding band to symbolize your love and connection with someone or making a fashion ring to wear as a statement, we enjoy giving our customers the freedom of expression they deserve. Offering customization for your tungsten wedding band, cobalt wedding ring, ceramic fashion ring, or gold ring is important to us. The ability to choose various diamond quantities, metals, widths, gold karat and color, allows our customers to evaluate variations of the same style in real-time.


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Men's Celtic Love Symbol Wedding Ring
By: Sharon S. from Florence, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Order Date: April 2021
Ring Purchased: MJT114CW

Received my grooms ring today. Better than I imagined. From the ordering to the receiving this company went above and beyond.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Puzzle Pattern Wide Diamond Wedding Band
By: Adriana D. from EL Paso , Texas, U.S.A.
Order Date: April 2021
Ring Purchased: MKZ110TW-40R

The ring is absolutely stunning. The service was one of the best customers service that I’ve ever received. I am very pleased with the results. Alec, was always making sure my needs were met

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Multi Trio Black Diamond Wedding Band
By: Richard K. from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, U.S.A.
Order Date: March 2021
Ring Purchased: RLL910CM-12B

WONDERFUL RESULTS! Response to my order was quick and professional. They checked in with me each step of the way to assure expectations were being met. ALL my expectations were met. What a beautiful ring it is. Thank you soo much

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Trio Monochrome Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Cheryl L. from Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Order Date: March 2021
Ring Purchased: MJQ910TX-81E

The ring is heavy and absolutely gorgeous! Arrived just in time for the wedding as Madani ships next day air. They send you sizer rings 1st to make perfectly sure your one of a kind ring will fit perfectly. The engraving turned out perfect.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's & Women's Eternity Black Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Rachel Y. from San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.
Order Date: March 2021
Ring Purchased: MFT610JP-45B

Madani Rings has the absolute best customer service. Once I purchased the ring, they immediately sent sizers to make sure it was the right fit and asked when I needed the ring. They were able to send the final ring in about 2 weeks from purchase and it looks absolutely beautiful in person. I would purchase another ring from them in the future!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's & Women's Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Kaylee A. from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Order Date: March 2021
Ring Purchased: MFB610JP-21R

Great quality products and very good customer service, never had an issue getting ahold of someone. Also, very quick production and delivery.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Multi Trio Diamonds Wedding Band
By: Kyra B. from Regina , Saskatchewan, Canada
Order Date: March 2021
Ring Purchased: MBW910CM-12R

I received my ring after a slight hiccup with Fedex. Madani staff went above and beyond to resolve the issue.When the ring arrived, it was more beautiful than the photos. My fiancée is going to be so happy with his ring! Communication and customer service were fantastic. I will refer friends and family to this company.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Hand Brushed Black Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Aymee from West Jordan, Utah, U.S.A.
Order Date: March 2021
Ring Purchased: MJY910CW-11B

Let me start with the customer service, incredible! I am so happy with this purchase, I recommend Madani to everyone. I was nervous doing an online purchase, however, once I received the test size rings, I knew this was a great option. I was able to try on the sizers, than place the order. The customer service was above par, every question I had was answered immediately and they always answered their phone. I will be sharing this site to more people to come for future purchases.

Overall Satisfaction:

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