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We have 84 reviews submitted for an average rating of 4.95 out of 5.

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Whether we are making a wedding band to symbolize your love and connection with someone or making a fashion ring to wear as a statement, we enjoy giving our customers the freedom of expression they deserve. Offering customization for your tungsten wedding band, cobalt wedding ring, ceramic fashion ring, or gold ring is important to us. The ability to choose various diamond quantities, metals, widths, gold karat and color, allows our customers to evaluate variations of the same style in real-time.

Take a moment to read first-hand reviews from our clients to see our service level and gain confidence with your purchase.

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Men's Trio Diamond Grooved Wedding Band
By: Shauna Savoy from Terryville, Connecticut, USA
Order Date: June 2019
Ring Purchased: MIC710RP-9R

Hi there! I can’t say enough about Madani Rings! I contacted them 1 week before our wedding and within 24 hours they sent out the sizers for my fiancée to try on and true to their word they made his ring and shipped it out and it was at my front door the day before our flight! The ring is amazing and beautiful and he loves it!! The customer service was beyond expectations and I truly can’t thank you enough.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Black White Trio Diamond Wedding Band
By: Stephanie H. from Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
Order Date: June 2019
Ring Purchased: MJV910TX-33D

We are extremely happy with the whole transaction with Madani. From placing the order, to them verifying our order, to them placing our order and then receiving our order. The whole process was smooth and they kept in contact the entire way. I would definitely do business and recommend this company.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Quad Diamond Wide Wedding Band
By: Lahoma J. from Gardner, Kansas, USA
Order Date: June 2019
Ring Purchased: MBU910BN-24R

Craig provided me with great customer service. He was professional and provided timely feedback. My husband loves his ring.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Puzzle Black Diamonds Wedding Ring
By: Raghad J. from jeddah
Order Date: June 2019
Ring Purchased: MBO910CW-14B

The Madani team was the height of class in treatment. My ring arrived after only about a week from order and the fit was perfect. Thanks to the Madani team we were able to include it in the ceremony despite the time.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Vertical Accents Wedding Band
By: Christy Schuman from Aurora, Colorado, USA
Order Date: May 2019
Ring Purchased: MAL914CW

From start to finish the purchase was smooth. Ring looks awesome, size is perfect and the price is right. Would definitely recommend.

Overall Satisfaction:

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