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Whether we are making a wedding band to symbolize your love and connection with someone or making a fashion ring to wear as a statement, we enjoy giving our customers the freedom of expression they deserve. Offering customization for your tungsten wedding band, cobalt wedding ring, ceramic fashion ring, or gold ring is important to us. The ability to choose various diamond quantities, metals, widths, gold karat and color, allows our customers to evaluate variations of the same style in real-time.


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Men's & Women's Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Otis from Jersey City, Alabama, U.S.A.
Order Date: February 2021
Ring Purchased: MFB614JP-21R

It was fantastic I ordered and was not sure about a couple of things so I did the chat talk and a phone call to alec - great service and quality!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Satin Center Polished Edges Tungsten Wedding Ring
By: Monika from Canyon Country, California, U.S.A.
Order Date: February 2021
Ring Purchased: MGW814TT

My husband and I love the ring. The quality is great customer service was super helpful and respond time was not long and fast shipping overall great experience shopping I would definitely recommend them to everyone and all their styles are great.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Large Eternity Black Diamond Wedding Band
By: Jessica P. from Adelanto , California, U.S.A.
Order Date: February 2021
Ring Purchased: MKB910CW-51B

The quality is exceptional! I highly recommend this company not only for their beautifully designed quality, but their customer service. I had a million questions, but Alec had no problems answering all my questions and promptly. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Thank you Madani for this beautiful ring for my partner she loves it!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Trio Black Diamond Grooved Wedding Band
By: Stanley S. from Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
Order Date: January 2021
Ring Purchased: MID710UF-24B

The entire experience was great from Madani's standpoint. They sent out the ring sizers so we knew the size we were getting very quickly. They made sure to ask if we needed the rings by a certain time which we didn't. They did there best to get them to us by Valentines day even though we didn't ask for that. They should have got here in time if it wasn't for a delay by the shipping company due to weather. They also called me to make sure I understood the type of ring I was getting and some potential issues we might experience with the type of metal we choose. They also reminded us that we have a warranty and they would fix if we had issues and they didn't look right after some time. The rings look amazing! It's nice to see that a company has great customer service and their products are amazing. Will definitely be recommending Madani to friends and family .

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Medium Eternity Diamond Wedding Band
By: Dana C. P. from Madison , Alabama, U.S.A.
Order Date: January 2021
Ring Purchased: RLQ914BW-74R

Excellent customer Service! AMAZING quality! Gorgeous ring! My husband loved it and loved the diamonds. Simple, modern and unique design. 5 Stars

Overall Satisfaction:

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