A black wedding band can make quite a statement. For a man, it may symbolize strength, and a lifetime of commitment to your partner. While there are a few choice materials for black rings, black ceramic scores pretty highly. But why?


When you hear ceramic, you probably associate it with pottery and other ornamental items. However, ceramic rings, and in particular black ceramic rings, are a little different from other crafted materials as they are made from titanium carbide and not the regular craft ceramic. Ceramics in general, as well as black ceramics, can date back to the ancient Greeks 700 BC. A popular material, it’s likely you can already find ceramics in your home, from coffee mugs to flower vases. 

In recent years, black ceramic has become a popular choice for wedding rings. While gold and platinum rings remain all-time classics, more men are wearing black and alternative metal rings and are becoming trendsetters. The uniqueness and timeless look of a black ceramic ring make this understated ring, a choice well worth considering. You can choose to inlay your ring with other precious metals and have yourself a classic black ceramic diamond ring or black ceramic gold wedding band that represents a perfect merge between a traditional ring with an edge of modernity.


Caring For A Black Ceramic Ring
Black ceramic wedding rings are easy to care for, which is a significant advantage if you want a fuss-free ring. Due to their scratch-free surface, you can go to town with your polisher or soap and water without worrying about leaving a mark. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid any harsh chemicals and stick with soap and water. As with any ring, it is important to remove it from time to time and also clean the skin under the ring. 


Ceramic Rings Offered in The MADANI Rings Collections

Luna Lust Men's & Women's Illusion Black Diamond Wedding Ring


Luna Lust Men's & Women's Convex Center Multi-Textured Wedding Band

Monochrome Men's Puzzle Black Diamonds Wedding Ring

Nu Men's Brush Black Ceramic Off Center Koa Wood Wedding Band


Inside Out Men's Grooved Black Ceramic Beveled Wedding Ring

Pros and Cons of Black Ceramic Rings


Weddings can be an expensive affair. The more you want yours to stand out, the more expensive it’s likely to be. Classics such as gold and platinum bands are quite expensive while some alternative metals may not have the style and personality you are looking for. Fortunately, you can still make some little adjustments without compromising your wedding budget when choosing your wedding band. When shopping on a budget, consider getting a black ceramic diamond ring and stand out with a trendy and timeless piece that is very much affordable. 


When shopping for a black wedding ring, you want something that will last through the years without obvious damage. The hardness of titanium carbide is what makes ceramic rings super durable, and is only comparable to that of tungsten carbide. These two are the most durable wedding rings in the market. Ceramic rings are more resistant to direct impact and will not bend, break, or deform easily, as opposed to other materials such as stainless steel. Despite the hardness, black ceramic is very lightweight and will not weigh down your finger. 

High Scratch Resistance 

Despite being non-metallic jewelry, black ceramic rings are scratch resistant and will maintain their shine for decades. This, however, does not mean that your black wedding band is scratch-proof. Even the most resilient metals such as diamond can still be scratched if you are using the right materials. Black ceramic handles scratches quite well, though. Since the material is black all throughout, scratching will reveal more black inside and it may not be all that visible. Fortunately, MADANI Rings always helps with sizing and any repairs. 



Black Modern Look

Black wedding bands are a more modern alternative to traditional silver or gold rings. Most people choosing to wear black wedding rings are doing this as a fashion statement by deviating from expected social norms. Ceramic rings are the rage, and with several inlaying choices such as black ceramic gold wedding bands, you can be sure to stand out with a striking look. Furthermore, the fact that black goes with many different outfits and colors is a big bonus, it truly is the more popular look for mens wedding bands these days.


If you are generally allergic to metals, typical metallic rings may not be the best choice. Also, some alternative metal rings have cobalt and copper, two common culprits for contact dermatitis. Ceramic is hypoallergenic and will not irritate your sensitive skin. 

Great For Athletes

Black ceramic is so lightweight, you’ll barely notice it when it's on your finger. And given its durability and scratch resistance, it is perfect for very active people. Whether you’re an avid tennis player or dedicated gym-goes, a black ceramic ring can stay on your hand without getting damaged. Another bonus? You’re less likely to lose it, as you can wear it anywhere!



Can Force to Break Easily in Emergency Situation

The worst thing that can happen when wearing a wedding ring is it getting stuck. Normally, rings can get stuck when the fingers swell due to temperature or weight gain. A very tight wedding ring can cause the blood to stop flowing to the end of the finger. In a worst case scenario, the end of the finger can go numb or become immobile. Furthermore, if you try too hard to pull the ring off your finger, you can get ring avulsion, which is where the tissue in the finger is damaged. Nobody wants that! With Black Ceramic, all you have to do is get a hammer and hit the ring in a few places to crack and break it off your finger in an emergency - It would be quite simple.

No Fading

If you are looking for a black wedding band that will not fade, consider going for black ceramic. Most black rings that are plated will lose color over time but black ceramic does not fade and will maintain its shiny polish black look for a lifetime. 


Ceramic rings are very hard and that’s what makes them highly durable. While they may not bend or break easily, the same hardness, however, is what makes them brittle and prone to breaking or chipping when they fall. Thankfully, the only thing harder than a black ceramic ring is a diamond, so unless your kitchen floor is diamond plated, you should be fine dropping your ring. 

Cannot be Resized

Unlike most metallic rings, ceramic rings cannot be resized. If your finger size changes over time, you may need to get a replacement. This is disappointing, because you may feel strange about wearing a ring that isn’t the one you exchanged on your wedding day. A good way to get around this is to buy two rings for your wedding so that you can change between the two during the course of your marriage. Remember, MADANI Rings will always help with any sizing or repairs. 


We Can Help!

If you have a wedding coming up, you will stand out with a black ceramic ring. But even if black ceramic isn’t for you, we have a wide range of other metal rings you can also browse on our website. Contact MADANI Rings today to sample our wide selection of black wedding bands.