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9 Exciting Honeymoon Ideas: Choosing the Perfect One


Are you ready to start planning your honeymoon?

It’s an exciting time for any couple. You have a whole world of destinations to choose from, with something for virtually every taste and budget. But the massive variety of options available can make planning your honeymoon more difficult than you expect.

To help you choose the best honeymoon for you and your partner, we have picked nine of the best honeymoon ideas from across the globe.


9 honeymoon destinations for newlyweds


Paris, France



Paris, often dubbed ‘the City of Love’, is the go-to honeymoon destination for countless couples. The cobbled streets, the relaxed cafes, the wine, and the delicious cuisine all combine to make Paris a fantastic spot to celebrate your nuptials. You certainly won’t be the only couple wearing shiny new wedding rings here.

As one of the most popular European cities, Paris is home to lots of hotels, restaurants, sights to see, and activities. You can wander along the Seine with a coffee and a croissant. You may take a tour to the top of the Eiffel Tower and look out on the city at your feet. And you might even take a tour into the catacombs beneath the streets if you’re looking to do something a little different.


Amalfi Coast, Italy



Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a stunning location with so much to see and do. It’s a 30-mile stretch of coastline packed with immense beauty, charm, and romance. If you plan to rent a car during your honeymoon for convenient, independent transportation, you’ll be treated to spectacular views while you drive from place to place.

On top of all that, you can also take leisurely walks through lush greenery, discover authentic Italian foods, and explore historic towns.


Tokyo, Japan



Japan’s most well-known city may not be the most obvious destination for a honeymoon, but it’s definitely got enough to keep you busy during your stay. You can wander through neon-lit streets in search of local cuisine, visit a Kabuki theater to see elaborate performances, and explore shrines and temples to your heart’s content.

Animation fans can check out the Studio Ghibli Museum, too, and cherry blossoms are a real treat if you visit during the spring.


Orlando, Florida



Orlando welcomes millions of visitors every year, with many arriving purely to see the two major theme parts: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. Both are absolutely fantastic honeymoon destinations, whether you’ve visited either before or are a first-timer.

Walt Disney World has multiple parks to visit across the resort, including Magic Kingdom with the iconic castle. And Universal Studios Florida is a must for fans of Harry Potter, Marvel, and Jurassic Park.


London, England



London offers a wealth of unique locations to visit during your honeymoon. Buckingham Palace. The Tower of London. Big Ben. The London Eye. Tower Bridge. Hyde Park. St. Paul’s Cathedral. Just some ideas to whet your appetite for a visit to England’s capital.

Of course, you can also spend hours upon hours shopping on Oxford Street, enjoy a few drinks in Soho, and embark on historical tours to learn about the city’s endlessly fascinating past.


The Seychelles



The Seychelles is a dream honeymoon destination for couples who love relaxing in the sun, walking hand in hand along beaches, and taking a dip in the clear, crisp sea. You can try tropical fruits, see giant tortoises, take hikes through jungles, and even sign up for amazing diving excursions.

And you’ll have plenty of great photo opportunities to show off your new matching wedding bands in an exotic locale.





Iceland is a picturesque country with vast untouched environments, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and much more to discover. You can marvel at the Strokkur, the country’s most-visited active geyser, and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon hot springs. You might want to take off your matching wedding bands before you step into the water, though.

And if you visit during winter, you may see the aurora borealis — the jaw-dropping northern lights.





Australia is a wonderful honeymoon destination with an incredible range of places to visit and activities to try. For example, you can go to Sydney, home of the iconic Opera House (with its unique architecture), the Sydney Harbour, and plenty of places to eat and drink.

But you could also see Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, the Great Barrier Reef, and any number of other gorgeous spots.


New York City



Take a bite out of the Big Apple on your honeymoon. Catch a Broadway Show or two, spend an afternoon in Central Park, and see locations from so many movies (ideal for film buffs). Like many other couples, you could also go to the top of the Empire State Building and show off your matching wedding bands in style.

Plus, there are more restaurants, bars, and shops to try than you could possibly fit into your visit. New York is a must for anyone who loves the bustle of the big city.


Tips for choosing the right honeymoon for you


Decide on a budget early


One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is setting a budget and sticking to it. For example, you need to buy the best matching wedding bands for your tastes, whether you go for the most expensive gold wedding bands or more affordable wedding rings instead. Plus, there’s the venue, catering, and invitations to arrange.

The same is true of your honeymoon. Wherever you go, you need to consider the cost of food, drink, and transportation for a week or two. Keep that in mind when discussing your honeymoon ideas, and set a budget early on. You may decide that you want to keep a little back to put towards your venue or matching wedding bands instead.

That can help you choose a destination and activities that you can comfortably afford. It will also narrow your options and make the process of finding a honeymoon less daunting overall.


Consider the length of your stay carefully


Your honeymoon destination may determine the length of your visit. You don’t want to fly halfway around the world if you only have five days to pack everything in. On the other hand, if you plan to visit London or New York City, a two-week stay may feel too long.

Research the range of things to see and do to understand how much time you’ll realistically need. Give yourself enough space to enjoy yourselves and relax, without scheduling so many excursions that you’ll both be exhausted.


Research the best time of year to visit your ideal destination


Certain locations, such as London and New York City, may be suitable for your honeymoon at any time of the year. Others, such as Iceland and Orlando, may be a little less flexible.

Consider the best time to visit your location before you book your honeymoon, whether you’re concerned about excessive crowds, high or low temperatures, or anything else that could affect your stay.

For example, Iceland experiences the Midnight Sun phenomenon during the summer, which could be difficult to handle if you’re more of a night owl. And Florida heat can get intense from mid-June to mid-September, which means Orlando may be out of the question for couples who prefer milder temperatures.


Remember that this should be a dream vacation for you both


Do you have your heart set on going to Las Vegas but your partner loves the idea of honeymooning in Venice?

Planning a honeymoon can be hard if you have different destinations in mind, but it’s crucial that you find an option that excites you both (as when choosing matching wedding bands). This should be a wonderful vacation for you as a couple, so be willing to compromise if necessary.


Be open to revisiting destinations if that’s what you want


When planning your honeymoon, you may focus on countries you’ve never been to before, especially if it’s a location that has always appealed to one or both of you. However, while visiting a new place can be fun and exciting, it doesn’t have to be the only option.

Don’t be afraid to just go back to a town, country, or resort that you’ve seen before. If you love somewhere and it means a lot to you both, why not plan a return visit for your honeymoon?




Planning your honeymoon as a couple may be thrilling, but it can be challenging, too. There’s a lot to think about — setting a budget, finding the right time of year, and choosing the perfect destination.

However, it’s vital that you explore all of the options available to you based on your budget and travel tastes.

Take time to research locations that appeal to you both, even if some don’t appear viable at first. You may be able to get a terrific deal that aligns with your budget if you search long enough. Be open to possibilities that you didn’t even think of before, too, whether that means taking a cruise or visiting a tropical island.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the most important thing is that you have a great time together as newlyweds.

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