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Why You Should Have a Signature Wedding Cocktail


Written by Emma R. 

Emma is a freelance writer and blogger in weddings, marriage advice, food blog, fashion and more...

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay on top of your wedding to-do list in the run up to the big day. There’s a lot to do and think about, but shoddy planning could mean you miss out on those little details that make your wedding memorable. 

From picking the theme and venue to deciding which metal to use for your wedding bands, as well as the style of the rings, tuxedo and dress, things gradually take shape as you get closer to the big day. But you can’t forget the guests – the food and, of course, the drinks.

The go-to option for many couples when it comes to drinks is an open bar since it is easier and gives guests a variety of liquors to enjoy. However, having a signature wedding cocktail can give your wedding the edge. Here are some reasons a signature wedding cocktail can be a great addition to your special day.



Amplifies Your Couple Style

Signature wedding cocktails can be a great way to inject more of your personality into the wedding. Are you fun and quirky or sweet and bubbly? Your guests can know what kind of couple you are by sharing your favourite mixed alcoholic drink. 

Of course, you aren’t limited by what is available. You can even create your own signature cocktail for a more creative and customized reception that people won’t forget. This is also a fun way for you to bond as a couple, and a chance to come up with the weirdest and quirkiest names the cocktail world has ever heard.



Blends With Your Theme

Many things can enhance the visual theme of your wedding and a cocktail is one of them. A cocktail with liquors, juices and garnishes that coordinate with the wedding’s colour palette can be stunning to look at, especially in photos.In fact, a beautiful crafted signature cocktail can make your wedding photos magazine-ready. 

But no matter the theme, you can find a signature cocktail for it. Here are some signature wedding cocktail themes you might like to explore. 

The Diamond Martini for a classic wedding. If you’re going for the traditional wedding themes and colors (a white dress, tuxedo, and diamond encrusted wedding rings) then the diamond martini is the perfect fit. It is a clear drink served in an elegant glass and doesn’t distract from or clash with any colored elements of your wedding, such as the flowers. 

The Something Blue cocktail serves two purposes. Firstly, it can be considered the bride’s ‘something blue’, as per bridal tradition. But it also compliments any vibrant blue colors in the wedding. If your groomsmen are wearing blue ties, or bridesmaids in blue dresses, this vibrant blue cocktail will work well. 

The Berry Punch cocktail is perfect for outdoor weddings or weddings in warm, tropical locations. The colorful combination of fruit and juices gives the whole wedding a fun, beachy feel. Guests can help themselves, so, is perfect if your wedding is far from formal. 

A Mason Jar Cucumber Fizz cocktail is a gin-based clear cocktail with green garnish. Served in a trendy mason jar, this cocktail is perfect for modern, shabby-chic weddings. You can even keep the jars afterwards to store wedding keepsakes! 

A Watermelon Refresher cocktail is ideal if you’re marrying on a piping hot day. If your guests are flushed and the church is hot, you can serve a delicious refreshing watermelon cocktail to cool everybody off before dinner. Watermelon also works as a palette cleanser, so you can serve it between your starter and main meal as a nice little touch. 

Pineapple Peach Vodka is a simple and pretty drink that’s bound to compliment any bride. Its sweet taste and pale neon orange tinge is great if you’re using pink flowers or decor. It compliments white attire and white linen tablecloths and gives the room an elegant feel. Giving the bride some matching neon orange or pink jewelry or hair accessories can make the perfect wedding picture!



Have Fun with Modern Mixes

A recent survey of 15 seasons bartenders was conducted to discover the trendiest mixes of 2020. If you consider your couple-style to be super progressive, and fancy showing this off at your wedding, a modern cocktail mix could blow everyone’s minds and get them sharing your creation on Instagram. 


Here’s what the bartenders recommended:

■ Soju - the national drink of Korea, is a clear, 20-24 percent alcohol by volume spirit that tastes like vodka without the burning sensation. You can mix it just as you would a vodka, but the resulting cocktail will taste smoother and a little sweeter. 

■ Baijiu - a Chinese liquor making the rounds at the moment. Unlike Soju, it has a rough, fiery, almost ‘soy sauce’ taste and makes a great base liquor for a fuller-bodied cocktail. 

■ Local spirits are gaining popularity thanks to our increasing social conscious and urge to fund local communities. You can find a local liquor and not only enjoy the taste, but know that you’re spending your money on the local economy too. 

■ Paper straws. Ok, this isn’t a cocktail. But paper straws have become a big topic of 2019 and 2020. Environmentally friendly straws will say a lot about your couple style, and care for the world around you. 



Control The Alcohol Content

If you have friends and family members who are prone to over-imbibing, a signature drink is a great way to keep things in check. By adding two parts mixer or chaser with one parts alcohol, you can significantly make the drinks less powerful and more enjoyable. A weaker drink can inadvertently get them to slow down, preventing them from crossing their limit.

You can even have a non-alcoholic signature cocktail at the event. That way, anyone who has had enough can switch to something on the dry side. Inclusivity is important, and so giving people the option to not drink alcohol without being stuck with the children’s menu is a considerate move. 


Make it Easier for Guests

Having a signature cocktail can help guests who suffer from decision paralysis have an easier time deciding what to drink. This is because people are highly likely to try something new at weddings and similar events. They’ll find the novelty of it irresistible. The added advantage is that if you have decided to have an open bar as well, lines will be greatly reduced. The bartender can just premix the signature cocktails and lay them out for guests to pick one up and return to the festivities.


Save Money

Making signature cocktails a prominent part of your big day can help you save money while looking like you’ve gone all out to toast your guest. You can choose the most affordable ingredients that will make for delicious, statement-making cocktails. And you can buy the liquors in bulk since many of your guests will be drinking the same thing, which means you will be able to get them at a discount. 

Furthermore, you can supplement the signature cocktails with other affordable, crowd-pleasing liquors, such as beer and wine, in case some guests are not partial to the cocktails. This will provide enough variety to happily serve all your guests without having to order a large variety of alcoholic drinks.



Your Guests Will Appreciate the Effort

Not many people go to a wedding where the hosts have taken the time and effort to craft something special for them. There are hundreds of cocktail recipes in existence. Picking one is not a simple task and your guests know this. This is something that they will highly appreciate and feel grateful for, making the wedding more special to them.

As an extra token, you can add wedding favours for your guests to keep, onto your cocktail glass. For example, you could add a personalised message to the glass itself, or put a custom glass token around the stem. The cocktail umbrella could have a picture of you and your wife on it, or have a special message for the drinker. You could also incorporate a fun after-dinner activity, like glass painting or a cocktail tasting with a cocktail expert on hand. These little touches will impress your guests and make them feel part of your big day. 


Wrapping Up

Signature wedding cocktails are a great addition to your wedding. If that’s the route you wish to take, speak to your wedding planner or a mixologist so they recommend some options. You can search for some options yourself or create some from scratch. Whatever you decide to do, the benefits of having a signature cocktail are just too good to pass up and will make the day extra special for you and your guests. And don’t forget, your wedding theme should be present across your entire day, with even the little details matching up. Therefore, your wedding ring, signature cocktail, tuxedo and all the rest should aim to compliment one another perfectly. 

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