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Fulfilling the Bridesmaid Responsibilities Checklist & Duties


Written by Naila Afsheen. 

Naila is a freelance writer and blogger in weddings, marriage advice, food blog, fashion and more...

Being a bridesmaid is the second most important thing a girl begins to plan from a very early age. Being a bride is at number one. But before we indulge in all the celebratory discussion on the wedding shenanigans, let’s shed some light on the fact that being a bridesmaid is so much more than just wearing a pretty dress, holding the bouquet, and standing at the stage during the ceremony. It basically requires you to be the guardian angel of the bride, be her shadow and make sure that everything goes smoothly till the honeymoon begins. You’re the one responsible for things as big as planning the bachelorette party to as small as carrying the wedding band. It’s a huge commitment and by the end of these events, you can emerge as an unsung hero.



As far as the duties are concerned, some are assigned to the bridesmaid and others, she just has to improvise based on the situation and the mood of the bride. Here’s a comprehensive list of pre-wedding, during, and post-wedding responsibilities on how she can rise to the occasion and be the best bridesmaid any bride can ever ask for.


Pre-Wedding Responsibilities


The way a couple wants to celebrate their wedding events is up to them but some like to keep it simple, however, others go out of their way to make things exclusive and unforgettable. Nonetheless, the duties and responsibilities of a bridesmaid remain the same regardless of how big or small the guest list is. Whether it’s a destination wedding or a simple ceremony in the backyard, the bridesmaid has to take control of every aspect.


Be the Robin to her Batman

Without a doubt, the biggest and most important duty of the bridesmaid is to be there for the bride, to provide constant emotional support, as it could be an overwhelming and sentimental time for any bride. Keeping her away from any kind of stress is essential because there are already hundreds of things going on in her mind, starting from shopping to decor, the final look, photographer, venue, catering and so much more. So be a sweetheart, go out of your way to comfort the bride, and take up the cudgels for her.


No compromise on bachelorette party

Bride-to-be deserves all the attention in the world so don’t miss a chance to make her feel special. And what better way to do that than throwing her a surprise bridal shower and officially beginning the wedding events to get in the groove? A bridesmaid would know exactly how the bride has imagined her bachelorette party; should it be intimate or extravagant, how big should be the guest list, what theme should be followed, what should be the menu, and should there be a DJ and a Limo tour?


Bride takes shopping quite seriously

This is something that can take up most of your time during the wedding season. Because not only does the bridesmaid have to be a bride’s shopping companion but also help her make the right purchase decision. Remember, there’s a fine line between suggesting something and being pushy, so avoid forcing your opinion because it’s her special day after all. Give the best advice when it comes to a wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Handle the budget smartly because we all know that a bride can make a lot of unnecessary purchases out of anxiety and stress. So you might as well have to turn into her personal accountant for a short while and get the best value for money.



The perfect wedding rings

Every aspect involved in the wedding preparations is crucial but something that stays with you for the rest of your life as a souvenir is your wedding ring. There is something extremely sentimental and romantic about his and hers wedding bands. When it comes to choosing a perfect timeless wedding band, the decision has to be made by the couple. However, as a bridesmaid, you can help the bride and groom with some creative and adorable ideas. For the bride, the wedding band can be simple with some engraving or a delicate design in a matching color as her engagement ring. For the groom, there are some stunning men's wedding band styles to pick from based on their personality and preferences. They can keep it elegant and graceful with a Diamond Wedding Ring to have it perfectly coordinated with the bride’s band.


Bring on the glow

Don’t let the bride’s natural glow fade because of all the anticipation and wedding preps. Keep her fresh so she’s as bright as the sun on her big day. Here’s an idea; how about a trip to the salon? A relaxing shoulder massage with the most soothing manicure/pedicure has proven to be extremely helpful in reducing stress levels. And while you’re at it, get a stunning haircut and a dye as well.


Wedding Day Responsibilities


Wedding day brings invaluable joy for the friends and family but it’s a tough task to ensure that everything goes according to plan. What bridesmaids can do is to check for the wedding decor pre-ceremony, give a quick look at the catering area, and see if the wedding band is all set to kick off the event. Apart from being there for the bride to keep her calm and from having anxiety attacks, the bridesmaid has tons of duties towards her on the big day.



Keep her hydrated and well-fed

Minor inconveniences during the wedding season can make for the most entertaining stories for the future. However, seeing the bride faint because of dehydration or low blood pressure on the stage during the ceremony is not a pretty sight. It may sound a bit dramatic but there have been literal incidents where the bride couldn’t keep it together and passed out during the ceremony. So to avoid any such unpleasant happening, don’t wait till the end of the function and ensure to grab some water and getting-ready snacks. You can offer these to the photographer and stylist as well, they would really appreciate this sweet gesture.


Help the bride get ready

Showing up at the designated getting-ready location together along with the maid of honor is always a great idea but if you want to go one step ahead and be extra nice, reach there before the bride does. Prepare the location for some getting-ready-photoshoots and make sure that everything is all set to turn her day into something so special that she’ll cherish it for the rest of her life. Not to forget, there would be many friends and relatives requesting a video call with the bride as they couldn’t attend the event so it’s the bridesmaid’s job to manage her calls and messages.


Hide your annoyance

You may often feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities but remember, the pressure is on the couple and you’re the one the bride relies on. So try your best not to complain about anything in front of her as it may freak her out. Work with the stylist if you’re not satisfied with your final look, coordinate with the planner if you’re not feeling the decor or there’s something that’s bugging you about the napkins on the tables. Just save your feedback for later when the bride is finally back from her honeymoon.



Up your host game

A bride would want nothing more than every guest to remember this wedding as the best event they’d ever been a part of. So a bridesmaid needs to take it upon herself to help the bride achieve that by being a kind and thoughtful host. Welcome the guests with a big smile, help them navigate towards their table, and help them settle down.


Post-Wedding Responsibilities


Some might believe that once the vows have been said and rings have been exchanged, the bridesmaid can take a sigh of relief. But wait a second! You still gotta help pay off the vendors and see off the guests. As a bridesmaid, you signed up for some post-wedding responsibilities as well so you have to be on your toes for another few hours.


Send off the couple

Whether the couple is going straight home or heading for their honeymoon, as a bridesmaid you should make this transmission smooth and seamless. Remember to put in the bride’s personal stuff such as a suitcase in the trunk. And send them off to their new beginnings with all the blessings and love.



The takeaway of this post is that if you’ve been honored with the duties of a bridesmaid, take a deep breath and start list down everything that’s expected of you in order to excel in this role. The wedding planning begins right after the engagement and goes on till the wedding party so make yourself available to provide your valuable input along with emotional support to the bride. Be considerate, thoughtful, and kind because soon the roles would reverse and you’d be the bride expecting your bridesmaids to be there for you!


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