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Three Important Ways to Make your Wedding Memorable


Emma R. (Professional Freelance Writer)

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Each year, 2 million Americans tie the knot. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering how to make your wedding more memorable. After all, with all that planning and wedding-stress, you’ll want to reflect on your big day fondly and for a lifetime. 

Big or small, your wedding is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience. There is so much to consider - flowers, catering, music, location and decorations to the tiniest detail.  While all these crucial wedding elements are central to your wedding planning, they are all short-lived. The flowers die, the cake is cut, and the decorations find their way to your loft. Therefore, it is vital to consider features for your wedding that will serve as permanent reminders of your magical day. It’s incredibly important to make the most of your experience, not just now but years in the future, when your memories have faded. 

In addition to your own memories, it is also nice to consider how your friends, family, and guests will remember the event. The best way to ensure their happy memories are preserved is through careful planning. If you’re going to spend hours poring over invitations, attending catering tastings, or learning how to dance in order to prepare for your special day, it’s worth giving some extra consideration to how well you can preserve the little reminders you’ll cherish in older age. 

With these tips, you’ll be one step closer to fondly remember your wedding like it was yesterday. 


Give your guests useful and unique wedding favours

The best way to ensure your guests remember your wedding is by giving them something that can serve as a reminder - not something that goes straight in the bin. While it might be fun to pack a goodie bag with an airplane bottle of Captain Morgan or a pair of plastic flip flops, those are things that won’t last a long time. After a while, they will be used up and donated or thrown out. Instead, opt for something that has a little more permanence. Not only will it help your guests remember your special day, it will also be a great talking point later in life. Some of our favourite ideas include:



Perennial Seeds

Perennial flowers will bloom every year and remind your guests of the wonderful time they had at your wedding. If you have a lot of guests who live in very urban settings, you might think this isn’t practical; however, it’s actually quite the opposite! Consider smaller plants that don’t require a lot of room or care, like Salvia or Lady’s Mantle. These are both hardy plants that can stand up to even the worst plant parents. If you’re a foodie, you might also consider herbs instead of flowers. Sage, chives, and mint are all perennial herbs that do not need to be replanted but regrown year after year. They’re also the perfect size to put on a windowsill or balcony if your guests have limited outdoor space. 


Customized Bottle Openers

Customized bottle openers are an inexpensive way to remind your guests of your wedding in a useful but special way. Rather than opting to customize the bottle openers with your initials, consider customization with a stylish design and the date of the wedding. That will allow your guests to seamlessly integrate it into their kitchen (as cute as they may be, bright pink bottle openers with your names on them don’t match very many kitchens). In addition to style, you should also consider durability. It’s better to invest in a good bottle opener rather than one that will break after a few uses. Bonus points if you can find a stylish one with a magnet on it! The magnet allows your guest to choose whether to conveniently display it or nestle it in with their other favorite kitchen tools. 


Personalized Polaroid Photos

One of the best ways to remember an event is through pictures; however, with the dozens of pictures people take every day, electronic pictures can get lost in the mix. Instead, choose to have a photo booth at your wedding where your guests can make their own memories to take home. This might include hiring a polaroid photographer who can take pictures with fun props or even renting a classic photo booth for the day! Either way, don’t let your photos get lost in the mix. Polaroids and photo strips are something your guests can easily include in their favorite frames and décor. 



Spice up your guest book

While guest books are a compact and neat way for your guests to jot down a lovely note, they don’t age well. Often, they end up in storage or on a dusty bookshelf. Instead, opt for something a little more fun and useful. There are hundreds of ideas for contemporary guest books, but our favourites are:


Jenga Guest Book

Provide a set of Jenga and have each guest sign one side of a block. Each time the game is played, you’ll get a chance to reminisce about your wedding. This idea can be used for just about any board game. If you’re a Monopoly lover, have them sign the various squares on the board (or the back of the board if you don’t want the signatures on your playing side). If you prefer card games, provide a deck (or two!) of cards for your guests to sign/personalize. In addition to this being a much more useful guest book, it also allows your guests to personalize each signature. 



If you provide a piñata, guests can write notes to place inside it. Then, on a special anniversary, you and your partner will break it open and get to relive all the fun from the wedding. If you want to be able to keep the notes after breaking the piñata, consider having the guests write on something that can be easily framed or put into a shadow box. This might be assorted postcards, polaroid pictures, plain wooden hearts, or even something a little more personal like seashells (for a beach wedding) or oversized scrabble pieces (for the bookworm bride and groom).


Personalized Record

A record can be a stylish way to display your guest book. Choose a record with your favourite love songs and an oversized frame to display it in. Instead of a blank background, have the guests sign the background the record is adhered to. The extra space in the frame allows for lots of room for signatures and notes while becoming a stylish home accessory!  


Wedding rings

Finally, the most permanent reminder of all - the wedding ring. Worn for life, this special piece of jewelry will help you to remember your special day. For that reason alone, it’s important to ensure you have something you love! If you’re going to look at it every day, it should represent not only you and your partner but also your own personal style. 

Men’s wedding ring selections have only recently started to open up to new styles. Now, instead of a plain, silver or gold band, there are hundreds of options for men. If you’re an active guy who needs something that can keep up with your active lifestyle, multicoloured tungsten carbide or cobalt might be right for you. If you prefer something that displays your love of the outdoors, consider a ring with a wooden inlay. At MADANI Rings, we help you find the one ring that perfectly reflects your individual personality.  


It’s all too easy to default to a basic ring amidst wedding planning; however, your ring is going to be with you and represent you for the rest of your life. The design, materials, and quality of the ring should all reflect the commitment you’ve made during your wedding. That’s why it’s important to use an established and trusted ring retailer. 

MADANI Rings uses the best cutting-edge technology and processes to create the perfect ring for everyone. With our wide array of ring styles, we will work to ensure you find “the one.” For a classic, stylish and timeless style, Madani Most Wanted could be for you. If something simple and sleek is your preference, Madani Nu is the perfect fit. Maybe you want something that represents your love and how it has changed or grown? The Gears of Love collection allows you to display the phases of your relationship in an artful design. Or, for the trendsetters out there, you might find something special in our Ringleader collection. If you and your partner want something a little different than a traditional silver or gold band, the Luna Lust, Monochrome, or Inside Out collections might have the unique style you’re looking for. Whatever your style, it’s important to ensure the ring reflects the person. Every wedding ring has a unique person and the story behind it. Find the ring that tells your story by visiting our website or your nearest store here. 


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