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Which Season to Choose for a Wedding


Brandi Marcene. (Professional Fashion Writer)

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The perfect time to tie the knot is only when you feel absolutely ready. But choosing a perfect season can make your wedding magical. Summers are undeniably a great time for a fun wedding. Winter-themed wedding looks absolutely stunning. The Spring season is perfect for an outdoor wedding. But, there are tons of advantages to getting married in the fall season.

Choosing the perfect season for your wedding is difficult. Each season has its own merits and demerits. But worry not as we are here to help. First, we will tell you the benefits are there to have a wedding for each particular season. Then we will give you helpful tips to decide which season to have your wedding.


Why Summer is Perfect for Wedding

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While a fall season wedding may sound romantic, it can’t beat the fun you can have during a summer wedding. 

The weather is perfect for any occasion

You can make the best of the shinning sun and high temperatures to enjoy the lovely weather. With summer, you can have an effortless outdoor wedding. You don’t have to worry about the venue not being warm enough for your guests. 

Summer bridal dresses are sexy

A summer wedding is a perfect time for you and your bridesmaids to flaunt your bodies. From deep neck and backless to thigh slit dresses, there are endless options for a sexy bridal gown. If you love showing your skin, you’re definitely a summer bride.

Days last longer in this season

Summer season is ideal for having a later ceremony without the skies turning too dark early.  Whether you want to schedule a luxury photo shoot prior to the ceremony or an after-party with close friends, you have plenty of time.

School is out for summer

With no homework or exams, your younger family members and guests will be able to fully enjoy your wedding. Summer is the best time to enjoy an occasion without the pressure of deadlines and assignments.

Most flowers are in the seasons

A wide variety of flowers bloom during the summer months. You can have a plethora of beautiful and colourful flowers to make your venue look magical.

Every colour scheme goes well in a summer wedding

One of the best things about a summer wedding is that you can go with any other colour theme. Whether you want a black and white theme, bright yellow, or pop of different colours, this season calls for all shades. Summer weddings usually boast a light or bright palette, but you can use dark tones in combination.

Honeymoon on a tropical destination

Who doesn’t want to spend a romantic honeymoon at tropical destinations?  A wedding during the winter season means you have to wait for the perfect weather to enjoy a nice honeymoon.  With a summer wedding, you can leave the very next day to the exotic location of your dreams.


Why Winter Weddings are Great

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Winter is not a very popular season for weddings, but many people like the idea of having a wedding around the winter vacations. The thing to take care of is snow and wet weather for a winter wedding. Here are some benefits of a winter wedding.

Winter accessories are beautiful

As if the snow doesn’t give a lovely background for weddings, winter accessories add more glam to your special day. From fabulous furs to beautiful boleros, there are many varieties of accessories to add to your wedding dress.

Winter wedding warmth

We know the time of year is icy cold, but it provides the best opportunity to make the occasion as toasty as possible. With fireplaces, winter warm cocktails and mulled wines, you get to make your wedding warm, cozy, and enjoyable.

Christmas Wedding

Of course, we are not going to leave this out from our list. There is always something magical and romantic about having a wedding around Christmastime.  The festive season makes the wedding extra joyous.


Here is Why Fall Weddings are Most Romantic

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As the leaves change their colours, many occasions line up. People don’t mind having their wedding around Halloween or Thanksgiving.  The beautiful changing colours as a backdrop can make your wedding day look aesthetic. 

Fall weddings are cheaper

Despite the advantages, many people don’t opt for autumn weddings. This is why the rates are much cheaper. From the venue to flower arrangements, costs are lower than their summer counterparts.

The weather is really nice for a wedding

You will have nice chilly weather at your fall wedding. You also get to have a diverse and unique variety of wedding dresses. Long sleeves, long train, and shrug coats will make your wedding dress quite unique and wonderful.

Fall offers amazing blooms for a wedding

Autumnal flowers such as hibiscus and dahlias mean that your wedding décor will be unique rather than ordinary. You can go for bouquets, centrepieces, and corsages to benefit from the beautiful seasonal tones.

No one’s away on the holiday

Autumn is generally a time to settle down for a wedding. You will get to more guests during the fall as people are generally not on any holiday. So your fall wedding will have more attendees and buzz. Your favourite photographer is also far likely to be available. Not to forget, you get to show off your summer tan at your wedding.

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Spring is the Season for Weddings

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Spring always comes to mind when thinking of the ideal wedding season. This is mainly because of the variety of flowers that bloom in this season. Most people also regard spring to have great weather for any occasion, as it is neither too hot nor cold.

Garden wedding with spring blooms

One thing we love about spring weddings is the variety of fresh flowers. This means you can choose lovely décor with seasonal flowers at any time of the year. But spring offers the most beautiful variety of fresh blooms. From roses to bright dahlias, you have a wide variety of flowers to decorate your quintessential garden wedding.

Perfect weather

Though every season has its own merits for hosting a wedding, everybody agrees that spring offers the perfect weather. Not only is this weather free from exhausting heat or chills, but there is also no humidity or dryness in the spring season. 

Better wedding gifts

Believe it or not, spring can get you better wedding gifts. During the fall and winter seasons, people are more likely to spend on gifting their close family and friends. Meanwhile, they will be spending money on vacations during the summer. As there are no festivals in spring, they have more money to spare. So there are high chances of you receiving better gifts if you get married in spring.

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How to Chose the Right Season for Your Wedding 

Now you might feel like marrying in every season. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, and you have to pick a specific time of year to tie the knot.

Consider the weather

The first thing to consider is which weather you are most comfortable with. Does the cold make you sick? Or are you more prone to sweating? You have to make sure that you stay comfortable on your wedding day. 

Know what colours, flowers, and decors speak to you  

Think of what flowers you would like to decorate the venue with. Are you a fan of after dark palettes for your wedding décor, or do you prefer pastel tones? The colours and décor of your wedding is an important factor to choose the season.

If your heart is after bright pink peonies, spring is your season. If your heart melts on the changing colours of trees, you know exactly when to get married. 

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What’s your dream dress like?

Your dress is the most important thing for you to decide. If you like to have a dress that shows skin, winter, and fall weddings are not for you. If you want to add diversity to your wedding dress with a heavy embellished fur coat, then enjoy the chilly weather.

Think what makes you happiest

It all comes down to what makes you happy. Do you want a barbecue during the summer? Or does the idea of a huge bonfire on your ceremony sound exciting? If you love snow, that it is the perfect time to say ‘I do.’ If you are dreaming about a beach wedding, summer is the only option.


Choosing a season to get married may seem overwhelming, but it’s fun. Just by deciding the season, you have your dress, décor, menu, or even the whole event planned.


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