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Planning Your Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties with COVID-19


Written by Emma R. 

Emma is a freelance writer and blogger in weddings, marriage advice, food blog, fashion and more...

Are you trying to plan a bachelorette or bachelor party in the midst of COVID-19? Have you already had to cancel or make changes to your plans, or postpone buying a wedding ring, because of the pandemic? Many grooms and brides-to-be have unfortunately seen their pre-wedding celebrations altered during the last year. Whatever stage of organizing you’re at, there’s no need to panic. COVID-19 needn’t spoil any more plans and it’s perfectly possible to celebrate with friends despite the current health climate.



The Basics

No matter what COVID-19 throws at us, you can plan a bachelorette or bachelor party that the bride or groom will fondly remember forever. Whether you celebrate with a virtual party or a trip abroad, some classic elements can be incorporated into every party.

■ Invites

If the bachelor or bachelorette has watched their dream wedding plans come crashing down this year, small touches can make a big difference. Send paper invitations by post, or e-invites if you’re short of time, to make the buildup to the party feel special no matter what.

■ Decorations

Banners, balloons, personalized cake toppers and sashes are all still great ideas! Even if you end up holding a virtual party, the theme will shine through and the bachelor or bachelorette is sure to feel special.

■ Outfits

Bride-to-be, groom on the loose and wedding party sashes, t-shirts and even swimsuits ensure your guests feel part of the celebrations. Don’t forget special guests, including mother of the groom and maid of honor, who may require a personalized outfit.

■ Gifts

The bride or groom-to-be have probably faced uncertainty and upset regarding their wedding this year, and so gifts will be appreciated more than ever! You may wish to send out a gift list that you know the happy couple will love.


The Virtual Party

If your bachelor or bachelorette party occurs, or is likely to occur, within a full lockdown period, it is wise to plan for a virtual bachelor party.

Although you may feel concerned about hosting another Zoom or Skype event, there are ways to make it feel special. It does not need to be as flat as it sounds! We promise a virtual bachelor party can still be immensely entertaining. And, of course, once the lockdown lifts, you can meet up in person and have a sort of ‘post-covid bachelor party’ to make up for lost time.

To begin with, make sure that the bride or groom have decorations at home to get in the party mood. You could create a Zoom background for them to give a beach, nightlife or mountain resort theme, dependent on their taste.


Online Events

Despite social distancing, it is still possible to hire an expert for a course of your choice. Wine tasting, cocktail making and crafts are all possible via video! Be sure to send out all of the ingredients or equipment your guests will need for the event.

If you miss dancing the night away, why not hire a DJ? Provide a list of favorite songs and have a dance party from the comfort of your own home.

With all the bride or groom’s friends gathered (virtually) together, now is a great time to collect ideas for bespoke ring engraving. Get each member of the party to contribute a personal and unique design for the inner surface of the wedding band. The party will be forever memorable for the engraving ideas alone!

Video games can be played virtually no matter where in the world your guests are. Set up any gaming accounts required before the party starts, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Spa sessions are popular with both men and women. When a physical trip to the spa isn’t possible, send out a care package including candles, moisturizers, facial scrubs and sweet treats! Enjoy a pamper session together with your guests, from the comfort and safety of your home.

So, to recap, items any virtual bachelor or bachelorette party needs are:

■ Decorations

■ A cool zoom background and/or funny face filters

■ Refreshments

■ A theme

■ A special event eg hiring an expert

■ A good wifi connection

■ A decent-sized screen

■ A start time and end time

■ A guest list and invites



Home Town Parties

If travel restrictions are likely to be in place, but you can still safely celebrate with a few friends, a local bachelor or bachelorette party is ideal. The size of your guest list will depend on local guidelines and what you feel comfortable with. As health anxiety is common, try not to be offended by guests who decline your invitation.


Safer Party Ideas

Getting into the great outdoors could be the perfect antidote to the COVID-19 restrictions you have endured. A guided mountain trek, a visit to the beach or a picnic in someone’s backyard could all make a memorable celebration whilst minimizing risk. Make your own bachelor or bachelorette masks for added protection, and bring your own food rather than sharing.

If poor weather is likely or the great outdoors isn’t appropriate, then hiring a personal chef at home or booking a private room in a restaurant are also great options.

If it’s safe to do so in your local area, why not take the bachelor or bachelorette on a tour of all their favorite local bars. Dance the night away and let your hair down, leaving COVID-19 far behind.


Further Afield

Parties further afield are probably the hardest to plan for in the current health climate, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Be aware of the cancellation policies of rental properties, airlines and any activities you book. If a full refund will be offered in the event of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 then you may feel confident in making your booking. Different travel insurance policies exist, but not all of them will include Covid in their small print. Now is the time to really delve into the terms and conditions of any policy you take out, to make sure you receive maximum security when travelling abroad.

Obviously, different countries have different risk measures in place. While some are very relaxed, others could be very strict. If you book a hotel, for example, you may find that in that particular country, spa facilities are closed and therefore you cannot access the hotel pool or spa area. Research is needed in advance to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money, wherever you choose to go. If you are using an airline, you’ll also need to make sure you have all the relevant forms, vaccinations and visas prepared before you fly. Temperature checks at airports are commonplace now, so turn up a little earlier than normal for your flight to get through any additional security measures.

A lower-risk idea is to book a rental property for just a few close friends and family. A lakeside property or one on the coast may offer everything you need without any additional activities. You could enjoy a backyard movie, outdoor games, sea swimming or hiking. Booking a property with a pool is ideal for creating your own pool party vibe! Of course, all of this depends on the current rules within that area. And you must remember, they can change any moment without warning.

Therefore, it is wise to have a back-up party idea in case of a forced cancellation. A virtual party, for example, can be planned at the last minute providing everyone who has the right technology.


Post-Wedding Party

COVID-19 has changed all the rules, so there’s no harm in leaving your bachelor or bachelorette party until after the wedding! This could reduce any planning stresses, and be the perfect opportunity to reminisce on your amazing wedding day six months or even a year after saying ‘I Do’. If you don’t want to compromise on your bachelor or bachelorette party, waiting could be a great option! If you like, you could wait until your 1 year anniversary and host an anniversary party that doubles up as a bachelor / bachelorette party. There’s no shame in going the whole hog for this event seeing as you made such a big sacrifice before your wedding.

Make your ring selection an event

Shopping for a wedding band is supposed to be fun. Even if your nearest store is shut or has limited opening hours due to Covid-19, you can browse rings online with friends and family there to help. Why not set up a zoom meeting with your nearest and dearest and screen share your web page so that everyone can share opinions on your wedding ring choices? Navigating the website is easy, and each ring has a picture, specifications and a price for you to consider. As mentioned before, engraving your wedding band is an option and provides a great opportunity to have some fun and games in the process. You can also read our 2021 honeymoon guide which includes options that are Covid-19 friendly.

However you choose to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party, be sure to order your engagement and wedding bands in advance of your big day. View our range of rings today.


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