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What are the benefits of buying more than one wedding ring?


Shopping for wedding rings and wedding bands is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your big day. You and your partner can explore countless different materials and designs as you try to find the perfect pieces for you both.

However, after browsing hundreds of different rings and bands, choosing just one is tough. You need to pick a single ring to mark your lasting commitment to your partner for years to come. Whichever ring you buy must look and feel just right on your finger.

But while it’s traditional to buy just one wedding ring or band, you don’t need to follow that rule.

Instead, you and your partner can buy multiple wedding rings, whether you purchase them all before you marry or add to your collection over time.

What are the benefits of buying more than one wedding ring? Here are the top seven. 


Have more choice and flexibility



Perhaps the most obvious benefit of owning multiple wedding rings or wedding bands is the added freedom you have in your jewelry choices.

Perhaps you would wear a detailed diamond band at weekends, such as this Rope Design Diamond Wedding Band, but prefer something a little more streamlined during the week (or vice versa).

When you invest in multiple wedding bands or rings, you liberate yourself from the restriction that having just one piece of wedding jewelry imposes upon you. You’ll have more room to express yourself and your current mood when you open your jewelry case. That flexibility allows you to truly appreciate and embrace the contrasts between the different rings you own.


Wear the right wedding ring for the right occasion


With multiple rings to choose from, you don’t need to worry about damaging your most ornate wedding ring if you have a day of exerting activities lined up.

For example, if you plan to go on a hike or work out at the gym, you can still show your commitment to your spouse and enjoy wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry. You just won’t need to risk a special ring that has more delicate features than another.

Let’s say you want to wear lighter wedding rings when you go for a long run. In that case, ceramic wedding rings are a great choice, as they’re lightweight and ideal for easy everyday wear.

Some materials are more durable than others, which you should bear in mind on days when you plan to do physical work or exercise.

All gold bands and rings, for instance, are ideal for general wear as they’re so durable. You can relax and enjoy most activities without stressing over how safe your ring is. However, if in doubt, it may be best to take your rings or bands off and store them somewhere safe for a while.

You might wear your least expensive rings for busy days and keep your most ornate, luxurious ring for those times when you really want to show it off. That glamorous wedding ring bedecked with diamonds that absolutely fills your heart with joy whenever you wear it? You can reserve that for a friend’s wedding, an anniversary dinner, or a big birthday celebration. Essentially, whenever you want to look and feel at your most exquisite.


Match your wedding rings to your favorite looks



We all have certain outfits, colors, and accessories that make us feel good. Perhaps your go-to look when you want to impress is a tailored blue suit, stylish brown shoes, and slicked-back hair. Or you love dressing up in a killer black dress with strappy heels and your finest jewelry. Or you prefer to go casual with blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a vintage baseball cap.

Whatever outfits feel most authentically you, you should keep them in mind when shopping for wedding rings.

For example, if you love to wear white dresses and white shoes, you can accentuate that clean aesthetic with a piece like the Dome Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring. This eye-catching ring is a combination of white ceramic and white gold, with 15 diamonds. That’s just one example — there are plenty of other gorgeous white wedding rings to explore.

But when you buy multiple wedding rings that match your favorite colors and looks, you’ll always have one to wear when you’re rocking your best outfits. You don’t need to worry about your wedding ring, which has so much sentimental value, clashing with your preferred clothes and accessories.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have backup wedding rings in emergencies


Losing your wedding ring can be a terrible experience, even if you’re lucky enough to find it eventually. You may feel guilty (even though you lost the ring accidentally), and the lack of a ring on your finger after a number of years can feel strange.

Fortunately, when you buy more than one wedding ring, you will have a backup piece to wear without needing to pick up a new one. It will still have true sentimental value without feeling like a mere replacement, as you and your partner will have chosen it together previously.

You can reduce the risk of losing your wedding band or ring in a few ways. One is to make sure that you have the best fit for your finger: if it’s a little loose, it’s more likely to slip off without you noticing. And carrying a small, soft bag (such as a small velvet pouch) in a pocket is ideal if you need to take your ring off for any reason. You’re less likely to misplace your ring if storing it in a designated space becomes second nature.


Combine multiple wedding rings or bands for a stacked effect



One particularly fantastic advantage of owning multiple wedding rings is that you can stack them on your finger to create a striking effect.

That’s terrific if your set of wedding bands or rings spans various colors, materials and designs. Placing a black ceramic band alongside a yellow gold one, for example, can create an impressive contrast. Or slotting a highly detailed diamond ring between two sleek, plain ones can work beautifully.

That’s the beauty of owning more than one wedding ring: you can experiment with different looks and effects while still wearing jewelry with immense personal value. Mix and match your wedding rings to convey your love for your spouse while creating an eye-catching arrangement.


Invest in new wedding rings to honor anniversaries


There’s no law to prevent you from expanding your set of wedding rings after your marriage. You and your partner are free to choose one or more new rings long after you tie the knot.

It’s easy to overlook that freedom and assume that you must stick with the rings you exchanged during your ceremony. Fortunately, you can buy more rings or bands to celebrate your marriage as you like. That’s great news if you and your partner love to collect jewelry.

And one of the best reasons to buy new wedding bands and rings is to mark your anniversaries. You may pick out fresh rings as an anniversary gift to one another on milestone dates (e.g. after 10 and 15 years of marriage).

Investing in more wedding rings as a couple enables you to keep honoring your marriage with beautiful new jewelry that feels true to your shared bond.


Enjoy a variety of materials and designs



One of the most difficult aspects of shopping for wedding rings and wedding bands is choosing your material. There are so many to consider: white gold, ceramic, tungsten, yellow gold, and cobalt to name some of the most popular options.

You could spend hours scouring a collection of gorgeous wedding bands and wedding rings, struggling to decide between an elegant black ceramic band with a puzzle pattern or a modern band of cobalt and white gold. Even with various customization options to personalize your ring, making a final choice of just one type can be a real challenge.

But if you allow yourself the freedom to invest in multiple wedding rings, you can pick two or three different design and material types that appeal to you, instead of limiting yourself to just one.

As a result, you’ll have a variety of materials and designs to choose from each day.




Investing in more than one wedding ring is a smart choice if you want a little more variety, flexibility, and freedom with your jewelry. You will have a set of beautiful bands or rings to suit different occasions and activities.

One ring may be reserved for work, another for wowing your spouse on date nights, and another for formal occasions (such as weddings). Crucially, you can ensure that you have spare rings to wear in case you lose one, too.

The variety of rings available is vast, with something for all personal tastes and aesthetic goals. In our collection of men’s and women’s wedding rings and bands, you will find white gold, yellow gold, tungsten, cobalt, ceramic, diamonds, and more options to choose from.

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