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The Best Honeymoon Destinations for 2021


Written by Emma R. 

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At this point, you have a fiancé, you know that you are getting married but still haven’t figured out where to go on that once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. Whether you are looking for something close to home or considering going all out, we have the perfect guide for you.

We know that 2020 shook the global travel industry and no doubt this’ll factor into your destination decision-making. In fact, you might have already had to postpone your wedding plans due to the sharp turn of events brought on by Covid-19. Still, life goes on.


According to this source, there are an estimated 1.4 million honeymooners from the US every year, with an average of 8 days to shake off the wedding stress and enjoy yourselves. Even if you have worries about travelling at this time, or funds are tighter than you’d like them to be, we are certain you will find the best honeymoon destination for 2021.

Choosing a honeymoon can depend on when you will have your wedding. If you are not sure, take a look at deciding on the best season for your wedding. Once you have a date and venue, you can start planning how you will celebrate your love for each other, just the two of you.


Honeymoon Destinations Here in the US

For the 37% of you that would prefer to stay closer to home, there are a plethora of great getaways. To get the ball rolling, read through some of these amazing places right on your doorstep. There is something for everyone’s taste and of course, these are just a selection of the best voted in your backyard.



City break honeymoon in the USA

Fancy an extravagant city break? Take a boat trip around Charleston in South Carolina or even get a kayak and go discover the area for yourself. With an endless amount of hotels and villas, you get the best of both worlds. Minneapolis, Minnesota for that enchanting skyline and outdoor dining along the Mississippi River. Last but not least, Tacoma, WA just outside of Seattle, a perfect choice for someone who wants to stay close to a large city for shopping but far enough to get some downtime.


Adventure-filled honeymoon destinations in the USA

Craving a little more adventure? Maybe you want to keep active on your honeymoon by exploring waterfalls and unforgettable sights at Big Sur - California, or hiking trails of Glacier National Park - Montanna.

Perhaps you prefer something a little more exotic like the multiple idyllic honeymoon island destinations including some peace and quiet in Hawaii - Kauai, Maui, and Honolulu, or even some salsa dancing in Puerto Rico with its vibrant culture, affordable accommodation and welcoming hospitality.

These are some of the best options the world has to offer and they’re right on your doorstep. Don’t forget there are more out there! It is normal to start booking your honeymoon up to 4 months before the wedding as availability does become less likely the later you leave it. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed and settle for anything less than the best.


Honeymoon Destinations Further Afield

As 63% of honeymooners chose somewhere abroad, take a look at some of these amazing honeymoon ideas. You can find honeymoon packages at every one of these destinations, so all of your needs will be seen to.


Honeymoons in Europe
Have you ever considered exploring a part of Europe during the summer? Such as the charming Amalfi coast in Italy, island hopping from Santorini - Greece, or visiting the city of love, Paris? From Paris, you could head down to the south on the Eurostar to visit Toulouse or the French Riviera in a matter of hours. The great thing about Europe is how compact it is. You don’t have to commit to just one country – or even two or three! It is easy to cross borders and see a huge range of places in one honeymoon.



Honeymoons in Australasia

New Zealand and Australia are right next door to each other, so if you visit one, it’s easy enough to visit the other. And what magnificent places they are! Fly into Auckland, New Zealand, and enjoy some vibrant city life before driving to the hot springs of Rotorua or the gorgeous Bay Of Islands. The Bay Of Islands is particularly romantic, given its clear blue waters and gorgeous landscapes. You can go in a kayak out to the remote islands (and even pack a picnic) or go whale watching or swimming with dolphins. You can then easily fly over to Sydney or Melbourne Australia where you can enjoy a combination of surf, sea and sand. What could be better? Oh, and by the way, this area of Australia has exquisite seafood, so make sure you look for some coastal restaurants and eat the local cuisine there.


Cultural honeymoon destinations

If you want to get out of your comfort zone and explore the wonderful cultures of different lands, there are several cultural honeymoon destinations we recommend. Marrakech, Morocco, is bustling with life and boasts hot summers and plenty to see. Stay in one of the many stunning hotels, visit the souks, or take a tour bus out to the suburbs and explore the local markets. If you go in August, you can also celebrate Eid, which is quite a spectacle in this vibrant city.

Within the same North African region you can also visit Tunisia and Egypt, both of which have fascinating history and unparalleled things to do. Imagine your honeymoon pictures featuring pyramids in the background! That’ll certainly be something to tell your Grandkids about.


Forgetting something?

After all the excitement of planning the wedding and honeymoon, you might not have thought out what ring you will wear. For someone who has no idea or not enough inspiration, take a look at our complete guide for wedding bands. We recommend you take a good look through all the options available as it will be with you for the rest of your life. It is not just a symbol of your marriage and commitment, it shows your personality, your style, it’s a piece of you. With a selective range of options, widths, and metals, we are sure the perfect wedding band is just a click away.  Now you both have something to wear and show off, let’s find you that dream honeymoon you deserve!



A few thoughts on Covid-19 before you go

Whether you choose somewhere local or global to enjoy your romantic honeymoon in 2021, remember that different countries have different rules in regards to Covid-19. And these rules can change very quickly and without warning.

It is always recommended that you check with the government websites of each destination to check how things are going, right up to the time you are about to jet off. And even while you’re on your honeymoon, it’s good to keep your eye on the ball in regards to the latest restrictions (if there are any). If you are worried about what might happen if the rules change while you are on your honeymoon, such as an airport closing or restricted travel, plan a second way of getting home. For example, if you were to go to Greece but couldn’t get home, you could always (if needed) take a ferry to Turkey and then fly from there. It is sensible to choose locations where multiple travel options are available. You should also remember that when you travel, you should maximize safety by:

■ Wearing a face mask on the plane

■ Avoiding crowds at the airport

■ Adhering to airport checks

■ Ensuring you have all your forms filled out

■ Getting the right kind of travel insurance


Make the most of your wedding in 2021

Your wedding is bound to be spectacular if you put in the right amount of planning. From the florist to the caterers and everything in between, you should pick themes and destinations that suit your couple-personality type. Your honeymoon destination should be no different. Whether you want to stay close to home or go as far away from normality as possible, there is something out there for you. It’s important, of course, to also sort your wedding rings well in advance (in the same way you would your honeymoon). Much like planning a honeymoon, choosing a wedding band is personal and special. Take great care to think about what your ring says about you, what you want it to represent and how it reflects your personal style. If you want a classic ring, we suggest you check out our monochrome collection. These timeless bands will stay with you for many years (and travel adventures) to come. If you’re into something a little less conservative, you might like the white ice range, which features an array of interesting, unique designs. As well as viewing our rings online, you can visit us in store. To find your nearest store, click here and input your location. We will be very happy to help you find the perfect ring for you – and share some extra honeymoon tips too if you’re interested!


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